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Council Wood Badge History

Texas Southwest Council Wood Badge History

The first Wood Badge Course held by the Concho Valley Council was held at Camp Sol Mayer in 1975. The course was SC-57 and was a seven-day outdoor training event. The course was well attended by the Scouters of the Council.  In fact, the course was such a success that a second course was held two years later at Camp Fawcett  June 4-11, 1977. The course number was SC-104.  A third course was held at Camp Sol Mayer, SC-241, June 4-11, 1983. A follow-up Seminar was held September 9-11 of that same year to assist the participants of SC-241 work on their tickets.

Following the course at Sol Mayer in 1983, Buffalo Trail, Comanche Trail, Concho Valley and Chisholm Trail Councils joined together to have a Wood Badge Course for the four councils each year.  They are still being held at Hughes Aquatic Base near Colorado City, Texas, Camp Tonkawa, Buffalo Gap, Texas or at Camp Billy Gibbons, Richland Springs, Texas with each council helping to provide staff for the course.

Wood Badge – a new beginning & a new tradition
In October 2010, the kudu horn called 30 participants and 16 staff to the field at Gilwell for the first Wood Badge for the 21st Century course in the former Concho Valley Council.  It was know as Wood Badge 1.

This historic course was held at both Camp Sol Mayer and Camp Fawcett exposing everyone to the rich diversity within the former Concho Valley council.

In October 2012, Wood Badge 2 continued the tradition.  After all, it does not do any good being first if there is not a second and third to share in the riches. 

In October 2014, the tradition continued with Wood Badge 3.  How-how to the Texas Southwest Council for establishing the traditions of Wood Badge for the 21st Century!

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